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Rehabilitation Centre in Punjab

Rehabilitation Centre in Punjab for Drugs Alcohol. A rehabilitation program might last only for months, but rehabilitation centre in Punjab is much more than a fixed time. Recovery is considered as the procedure that evolves through stages and your growth in feeling sober can continue for the rest of your life.

Detoxification, managed by the consultants, is the first phase of a drug rehabilitation program, but overcoming the chemical dependence is the beginning of any treatment. With the help of new generation care foundation, you’ll learn that the addiction recovery process requires a commitment for a longer period to rebuild your mental and physical health.

Best Rehabilitation Centre in Punjab

Best rehabilitation centre in Punjab for clearing substances from your body. The detoxification works to free your body from alcohol and drugs, which helps to cope with symptoms, to identify or treat existing health issues. The major goal of rehab is to help you to become a sober, strong person – mentally, physically and emotionally to teach you to live a life free from alcohol & drugs and to help you make stronger relationships at every level.

As the body adjusts to the absence of drugs or alcohol, you might experience symptoms as well as cravings that are impossible or tough to tolerate. When you get detoxification in the supervision of consulting physicians, you’ll get the services like pharmaceutical therapy, replacement of intravenous fluid and nutritional support which will help you to recover quickly.

Depending on the types of drugs you use and from how long, outpatient therapy might be as beneficial as inpatient treatment at a rehabilitation Centre in Punjab. Social detox depends upon intensive counseling and group therapy which will help you to get through the initial phases of withdrawal, with or without the medication support. After reaching the stage where your body is free from the substances and you are ready for recovery, new generation care foundation can take place.

Drug Rehabilitation Centre in Punjab

Reducing risk exposure
Short term programs might last from several days to 2-3 weeks, while longer one might last 90 days or more. A study has shown that patients who lived in recovery housing after 2 weeks detoxify program were up to 20 times more likely to stay sober and clean. The more time you have to remain free from substances and practice healthy life, the better prepared you’ll be to face life outside drug rehabilitation Centre in Punjab.

Helping you understand about your addiction
When you are in the middle of an addiction to alcohol or drugs, it might seem that the substances are the reason of disease. Once you get the chance to clean your system and begin the process of rehab through new generation care foundation, you’ll see that alcohol and drugs are not the reason of addiction; abuse of substances is symptomatic of the much deeper psychologic condition. This is why psychotherapy is the essential component of any rehab program.

Rehabilitation Centre in Punjab

It was found in a study that patients who completed rehabilitation program were compared with the ones who failed to do so. People who failed were found to have higher rates of personality disorders, depression and suicide attempt than the patients who completed the rehabilitation program.

Rehab acts as a challenging exercise in exploring yourself. Psychotherapy offers you the opportunity to discover why and how addiction took hold while helping you to handle solutions that keep you trapped in abuse from the substances. Therapy is provided by a psychologist, counsellor or psychiatrist and sessions might take place individually or in a group. When you complete the program from a rehabilitation Centre in Punjab, you get a deeper understanding of yourself, what you did in past and your coming future.

Reunite with family
Just like substance abuse can destroy partners, spouses, parents, and children, new generation care foundation give family members the opportunity to heal. A treatment program includes counselling and prevention of education for the entire family, not only for the alcoholic or addicted. Before the counselling of family, it is essential for the therapist to assess the family for violence. Safety of all the members should always be on priority among drug rehab counsellors.

Assisting in recovery
Care afterward is imperative for any drug rehab program. After the completion of detox and you have been through the phases of centre, recovery is essential to get continued with counselling, medication therapy, and group therapy. Most of the treatment facilities offer outpatient services at the same rehabilitation centre in Punjab where you attended a rehab program. Other facilities refer to providers in the community itself so that the treatment can be continued at offices or clinics nearby your place.

Get Best Treatment at Our Rehab Centre

If you as an individual and your treatment decide that more time is needed in a drug-free, secure environment, you might find that a sober home offers you an additional structure as well as supervision you are looking for. At a sober living place, treatment can be continued on outpatients basis, establish new societies and look for the employment within the residence guidelines. You can ceom at our rehabilitation centre in punjab and get complete details and information.

Residents of sober living facilities are required to do these things usually:
➔ Remain free from all kinds of substances and avoid contact with people who use it.
➔ Adhere to curfew and sign out when leaving the facility.
➔ Attend meetings or group events that support getting sober.
➔ Contribute more to the residential and family environment by completing the chores of the house or helping with the expenses.
➔ Attend meetings and get-to-gathers taking place at home.

Benefits – Advantages to the Addicted Patients

New generation care foundation doesn’t make any person healthy and sober within days, weeks or months. Recovering from the effects and causes might take the entire life. Always remember, recovery is an on-going process that requires long-term commitment and maintenance. If you have a strong support network with you who’ll help you in this process, you can look forward to a journey that offers deep challenges as well as rewards.

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